Ongoing and past agitations...

With the exception of petitions and newsletters, PIBB doesn't initiate projects, opting instead to play a supporting role in work being done by local activists on the ground.  Here is a round up of how we've engaged since June of 2020.

Clean & Safe


Currently in Progress...

The 10 year Downtown Clean & Safe contract is up for renewal, and we've joined a coalition of groups calling for the negotiations to be made public.  See why >>

UP Now



A win!  In implementation.

We joined up with the UP Now campaign to pass universal preschool. The resulting ballot measure passed with a mandate! See more about it here >>

Defund the PPB


Our first move...

Along with a few non-members, we circulated a petition calling on City Hall to defund the PPB. Currently it has more than 6,000 signatures. Check it out here >>